Reed Songs

'Reed Songs' is a collection of flute solos on several of the earliest flutes I made. It begins with melodies more familiar to the Western ear and slowly begins to explore more exotic scales and tuning systems. 'Reed Songs' is simple and direct with very little processing - just air spilt with bamboo and reed.

The bonus track, by contrast, reveals my first venture into the world of 'electronic' soundscapes.  Click here for instant download.



Lullabies for a Mad, Mad World

This is some of my favorite music and I often forget that it's me! Deceptively simple melodies weave together in increasingly complex patterns, floating across soothing and hypnotic percussion and drone beds. This recording uses specific effects to bring the ancient sound of flute and drum into the modern world's digital sensibilities.

Click here to download. 


Quick Start Guide: Playing Ney

This eBook focuses specifically on getting your first clear notes on 'oblique end-blown flutes' such as the ney (nay, nai), the kaval and the kawala. It addresses the unique method for getting these types of flutes to sing - it is not a method book for any of these flutes. I wrote it to help keep people from continually paying for private lessons when this is the only real hurdle to get over and start exploring these flutes. Get a grip on making a clear sound first, then begin the journey of gaining a command over the instrument and any particular style or tradition. 

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