The Power of Acoustic Instruments

Simple acoustic instruments have an immediate, natural and completely ‘organic’ impact on all of us. Often small and portable, flutes, drums and guitars in all their variations can quickly be brought out to liven up any situation in almost any environment. Bards, troubadours and storytellers of all kinds have used surprisingly simple instruments to help carry their messages across the lands of all cultures. With no need for electricity, no need for cords, no need for amplification, such instruments and accompanying performances tend to create situations where people will gather around and lean in to hear what’s being played, sung or said. Chant and recitation was used for centuries to spread spiritual and religious ideas, helping the masses (who usually couldn’t read) to memorize the teachings. These instruments and their music constitute an ancient technology for altering consciousness and strengthening a sense of community.

Today’s digital world, with all it’s glory and clear value, is quickly whittling away at very old and very powerful aspects of human development. Research is proving that children are increasingly struggling with what used to be considered basic skills including motor skills regarding writing with pens and pencils, brain development around social connection and teamwork, and ever shortening attention spans. Acoustic instruments, dancing and singing have been with us for thousands of years, and making music together taps into our shared memory at a genetic level – we have used song and dance to unite us, inspire us and celebrate Life together since the dawn of time.

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