Service Musician

A Service Musician engages directly with people, getting them to participate in the music making process usually with drumming and singing. The purpose is to create a fun and safe space for people to reconnect with the simple act of being Present and having fun in the moment. By getting their bodies and minds active in the process healing can begin on many levels. This can include everything from the physical benefits of the activity to the emotional impact of connecting with other people and contributing to a shared, positive experience. From Alzheimer’s patients to people considered ‘disabled’ to people suffering from PTSD, the act of playing music is proving to be a powerful means of developing a deeper sense of community, a better sense of well-being from the release of ‘happy chemistry’ in the brain and a more active use of their bodies. It is literally an act of PLAYING into a more positive and healthy mindset. There are also some Service Musicians who play for people as they transition out of this Life experience, offering loving melodies and soothing sounds to help calm and support people in their final moments. 

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Instrument Maker

My specialty for decades has been making quality bamboo and reed flutes. I sometimes make frame drums and odd percussion instruments, but flutes are definitely my main offering. Since the early 1990’s I’ve studied many flute making traditions including the Middle Eastern ney(nay, nai), the Indian Bansuri, the Japanese shakuhachi and more. It wasn’t long before I began synthesizing what I consider to be the best elements of these designs into instruments that are intended to perform exceptionally well and last a lifetime. Once I understood why flutes behave the way they do I was free to explore design elements that often step out of any particular traditional approach. As I realized that it is the shape of the empty space that makes a flute work, I was able to start creating instruments from a wider selection of natural and synthetic materials. 

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Therapeutic Music

Somewhere along the way I came across the words ‘Anti-Frantic Music’ and embraced them with arms wide open!  I love music that soothes the mind, relaxes the body and still remains deliberate and engaging. Many spiritual traditions of the world have music that does all this and more by employing odd time signatures, different tuning systems and thoughtful melodies that take the listener on a peaceful, introspective journey into themselves. My own path through this exotic world led me to mesh these characteristics together and add little of today’s technology to weave together music that honors these traditions while going to new and fresh soundscapes. 

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Empowered Self-Expression

My business is ‘good vibes’, literally. I am here to share my knowledge, gifts and talents to help you feel better and have more fun with simple acoustic instruments and accurate information to help you gain a command over them. It is my desire that through the music I play, the instruments I make and the ideas I share, you will be entertained, educated and, most importantly, be empowered with a sense of wonder and excitement at what is possible and within easy reach! 

Music is often called a Universal Language, one we can all relate to emotionally. Music is also a language where we can speak at the same time while contributing to a greater experience because of a shared, co-creative and deliberate act. Music is something that we make together and it has been a keystone of human connection for countless millennia. 


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As I begin working with more people in a variety of settings, I'm in need of more instruments. Please consider donating to this new endeavor of bringing healing music to people who need it most.